Hello here are some tips to troubleshoot your Internet connection

If your Internet Connection Is out for longer then 15 minutes follow the steps Below 

If the steps Below Fail Call us M-S 8am-430Pm 270-592-WIFI out side of our normal hours please submit a ticket at https://ven1.unmsapp.com/crm/login

You may also visit us of Facebook to see if we are reporting any issues https://www.facebook.com/vertreeselectronics

1. Rebooting Your PoE:

Locate the Power Over Ethernet adapter (PoE). You can find the PoE by tracing the Ethernet cable from  the “WAN / INTERNET” port on the router to the “LAN / Data” port on the PoE. If you do not have a  router, the PoE will be plugged directly into the Ethernet port on your computer. Once the PoE is  located, unplug the PoE power cable for a minimum of one minute. Once unplugged, check that the  light on the PoE has turned off. After one minute, plug the power cable back in and confirm that there  is a solid light on the PoE (not blinking), then test your connection.

Note: After rebooting the PoE, the Internet may take up to ten minutes to reestablish a connection. 

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2. Rebooting Your Router:

This step only applies if you connect to the Internet wirelessly (Wi-Fi) via your laptop or another wireless device. Locate your router. Routers are usually flat and may stand vertically or lie flat. Routers are usually black or white with lights on the front and Ethernet cable ports on the back. Some routers have external antennas. Cambium, TP-LINK, Netgear, Linksys, and Vilo are common router brands. To reboot your router, unplug the power cable for ten seconds, then plug it back in. Wait five minutes for the router to reboot, then test your Internet connection.

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3. Checking Your Wi-Fi Connection:

After completing Steps 1 and 2, verify on your computer or wireless device that you are connected to your Wi-Fi network. If not, reboot/restart your computer or device and reverify.
Check your router and PoE cable connections carefully. Confirm that they are plugged into the correct Ethernet cable ports and wall sockets securely (see steps 1-2).

4. Direct Connection Test:

If you still have connection issues after rebooting your equipment, our phone technicians will most likely ask you to try a direct connection test. This is done by simply unplugging the ethernet cable from the router WAN/INTERNET port and plugging it directly into your desktop or laptop computer. Performing this test removes your router from the line of connection. This will help to determine if said router is causing a connection issue

Direct connection steps are as follows:

A. Locate the Ethernet cable that is currently connected between your router WAN/INTERNET port and your PoE DATA port (see PoE illustration on page 1/3). B. Unplug said cable from the router WAN/INTERNET port. Leave the PoE DATA port plugged in. C. Locate your computer’s ETHERNET/INTERNET port. For desktop or tower computers, this port will likely be on the back with all of the other ports. For laptops, this port will likely be on the side. D. After locating your computer’s ETHERNET/INTERNET port, plug the cable into the port. The cable plug should click when fully seated in the port (similar to a telephone jack). E. Reboot the PoE. Unplug the PoE power cable from the wall for one minute, then plug it back in. F. Wait five minutes for your dish to reconnect to the Conifer tower. G. After five minutes, check your Internet connection.

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Equipment and Terminology Guide

Equipment to Be Familiar With:

Router – Wireless routers broadcast Wi-Fi throughout your home. The router allows multiple devices to connect to the Internet wirelessly. Routers are usually black or white with lights on the front and Ethernet cable ports on the back. Some routers have external antennas (see page 1/3, step 2).
PoE (Power Over Ethernet) – This unit supplies power to the Vertrees Electronics dish. It is a small, rectangular box with a power cable on one end and two Ethernet cables on the other. One of these Ethernet cables is routed outside to the dish and is commonly black. The other Ethernet cable connects the PoE to either your wireless router or computer. It is commonly Black or red (see page 1/3, step 1).
Cable – Cable, cord, wire, and Cat-5 are interchangeable terms for the Ethernet cables we use.
Dish – Dish, antenna, and radio are interchangeable terms for the dish unit on your roof or in your yard. The dish transmits and receives Internet data from the Vertrees Electronics tower.